5 Board Games for After Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted on: Friday, November 22, 2013 - 12:03pm
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5 Board Games for After Thanksgiving DinnerThe turkey is done. Leftovers are put away. Pies and coffee are being served. Now the real fun can begin! Here are some great games the whole family can play while gathered around the Thanksgiving table. 


Bubble Talk:

It's very similar to Apples to Apples. The judge picks a photo from the pile and each player throws down a caption from the printed cards. The judge chooses their favorite caption card to award points.


Caution: Can get very silly and is highly addictive. ($21.00)


Heads Up:

This is an app for your smart phone and works the same way as Catchphrase. One player chooses a category and holds the phone on their forehead. Everyone else has to give clues as to what word or phrase that appears on the players forehead.


Caution: Each round is video recorded for you to play back. Your uncle may save it and tease you forever that you didn't know who "Batman" was. ($0.99)



A card based game where you have to imagine you are in the pit on Wall Street. You need to collect matching commodity cards before the other players and be the first to ring the bell!


Caution: Like to the real thing, this game involves a lot of yelling and lying. ($13.76)


Wits & Wagers:

No one wants to play Trivial Pursuit anymore because your aunt is a smarty pants. Wits & Wagers puts everyone on an even playing field. Each round starts with a question such as "In dollars, how much was each extra paid to run across the beach and scream in Jaws?" or "How many feet wide is a football field?" All players must write down an answer and bet on which answer is correct. If you don't know, bet on someone else!


Caution: Avoid the urge to go "all in." No one likes a know-it-all. ($28.08)


Time's Up:

This is a charades game which is perfect if you are in danger of falling asleep from too much turkey. All players are dealt cards with names of famous people on them. Everyone chooses one or two cards from their hand to put into the communal pile. The first round, one person chooses a card from the communal pile and has to get their team members to identify the person on the card. As the rounds go on the more difficult they get.


Caution: By round three, no words are allowed. Try not to get distracted by hilarious gesturing and hand signals. ($30.65)