5 Ways to Be Green at the Beach

Posted on: Thursday, July 11, 2013 - 10:55am
Tagged with: Live Green

5 ways to Be Green at the BeachThe weather is going to be gorgeous this weekend and since the holiday is over, it's the perfect excuse to hit the beach. Before you head down to the sand here are some ways for you to bring your green practices surfside.


Lunch: Bring reusable containers to pack your food, reusable water bottles, and cloth napkins. Bonus! Unlike plastic baggies and paper napkins, your lunch is less likely to blow away with the wind. 


Sunscreen: Skin care is absolutely essential. However, whatever you lather on your skin will ultimately end up in the sea. Visit the Environmental Working Group's site to see the 2013 approved list of lotions that will protect you and the environment.


Bathrooms: Ahem. Do we need to get more specific? Walk to the restrooms please and keep those waters clean and safe.


Observe All Signs: Walk only where it's permitted and stay off the dunes. These natural borders are at high risk for erosion.


Be Proactive: The number one way you can be green at the beach is to pick up litter. Drop it all in the trash as you head up the boardwalk. We'll thank you on behalf of the ocean.


Surf's up!