Activities for a Rainy Three Day Weekend

Posted on: Friday, May 24, 2013 - 12:15pm

Activies for a Rainy Three Day WeekendDid your plans get ruined this weekend by Mother Nature? Here's a bunch of activities to keep your mind off BBQs and beaches.


For the Social Butterfly: Bring the fun to you.

-Host a game party. Break out the board games and invite your friends over for a rousing game of Yahzhee.

-Host a movie marathon. Show your favorite trilogy of movies, movies from your childhood, or the latest blockbuster. You can even theme your food around the movie. (Editor's Note: If testifying in a court of law, I would have to plead guilty to hosting a Muppet Movie marathon with homemade Muppet gingerbread cookies.) 

-Host a tapas party. Google a list of traditional tapas and ask your guests to make and bring one. 


For the Stir Crazy: Sometimes you just need to get out of the apartment.

-The MFA is free all weekend long. Explore all the new exhibits or revisit your favorites. 

-Go on an Appetizer Crawl: Pick a restaurant laden area near you and visit each one for one appetizer. Stop when your belly is full! This is great to do with friends and a great way to discover new places to eat.

-Adventure awaits you at 5Wits! Travel to Patriots Place in Foxboro to challenge your mind in one of two adventures. After you escape from either the 20,000 Leagues show or the Espionage show, head over to CBS Scene and grab a bite while gazing straight into Gillette Stadium.


For the Productive: Three days is a lot of time to get stuff done.

-Take time to read. You might not think of this as productive, but everyone has a book lying around that they haven't had a chance to read. Make it your goal this weekend to read that book!

-Clean your apartment. It feels like spring already came and went. If you missed out on your spring cleaning, now you have three days to get it done. Here are some tips to help you along the way: There's an App for That II: Housework, Spring Cleaning: Making a List, Spring Cleaning: Clearing Out the Closet

-Get crafty. Still have a blank space on your wall that needs art? Make one! Pinterest is a huge resource of DIY apartment decor ideas.  


What are you going to do with all your free time this weekend?