Apartment Tips For Your Cat

Posted on: Friday, September 9, 2011 - 8:27am
Tagged with: apartment living, pets

Apartment Tips For Your CatMany have joked that cats are the master of their humans; so, when moving into an apartment home, it is important to ensure that your king or queen feline feels royally pampered. While cats often require less active attention or open space than dogs, many owners still find both of these resources difficult to harness in an apartment. How can you make your apartment a proper home for your cat as well as for you?

While cats may not require the amount of exercise that a large dog may need, they still need mental and physical stimulation to stay out of trouble. The best way to keep your cat amused while you're not home is a cat tree. The tree serves several purposes.  It give your cat a place to rule over in your home, but it also allows your cat to climb! Ever notice that your cat will often sit up on the back of your couch or even on top of your fridge? Cats naturally like to be up high to survey the land. Lastly, most cat trees are made from a material that can also double as a stratch post. This allows your cat the freedom to follow its instincts and keep its claws in working order, without fulfilling this need on your furniture!  

Although cats are renowned for their independent and carefree nature, they are still living creatures with a need for social interaction. Particularly in an apartment home, where a cat cannot interact with other animals or the natural world, it is imperative that you provide that mental stimulation so that your cat will be healthy and happy. A socially well-adjusted cat is a feline with a better attitude and a less destructive nature. When you first get home from work for the day, take 20 minutes to sit and play.  You may think that your cat doesn't like to play and prefers its solitude, but each cat is particular about what they want to play with.  This doesn't mean that you need to run out and buy the most expensive cat toys on the market.  Sometimes its the very simple things that a cat will enjoy. Hint: Keep carboard boxes and old Christmas ribbons around.  If they sit won't play, then take your 20 minutes to just give them some love. 

Finally, make sure you set up the litter-box in a place that is easily accessible for the cat, but out of the way of human foot traffic or guests.  Use odor-masking kitty litter and make sure to empty it regularly. After each emptying, use baking soda and sprinkle it over the litter for extra odor defense. With all of these preparations, you will be surprised at how quickly the cat can adapt to your new apartment home.