Be Prepared: Hurricane Prep

Posted on: Friday, October 26, 2012 - 2:03pm
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Be Prepared: Hurricane PrepIt's more than just the Boy Scout motto, it's words to live by! Hurricane Sandy or "Frankenstorm", as some are calling, seems to be headed our way.  Here's a quick list of items you should have on hand anyway, but now's the time to check and make sure you are prepared. The list below was inspired by FEMA's Basic Disaster Supplies Kit. For more tips on Hurricane Preparedness check out their site


Batteries: Check all your flashlights to see what size they take and buy back ups

Transistor radio: Make sure you have backup batteries for the radio too

Bottled water: One gallon of water per person for at least three days

Food: Stock up on canned goods and dry goods like granola bars or single serving sizes of tuna. At least three days worth

Medication: Almost out of your prescription? Refill it! Stock up on your basic first aid items too like Tylenlol, hand sanitizer, and band aids

Pets: Don't forget about your four legged roommate! Buy extra kitty litter and pet food.


Additionally, bring in or tie down any items you may have outside on your balcony or patio. If the lights go out check out our previous post on how to stay informed:

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