Boston Area Weekend Getaway: Adams National Historial Park

Posted on: Tuesday, June 7, 2011 - 9:38am

Adams National Historical Park

Boston is one of America's oldest cities, filled and overflowing with music, art and history. An entire lifetime can be spent in Boston and its environs without exhausting the full magnitude of this center of American culture. But on the outskirts of Boston, in the town of Quincy, the very soul of our American republic was born.

The Adams National Historical Park is a monument to the life of America's greatest political family and the birthplace of two presidents: John Adams and his son, John Quincy. For those interested in American history, seeing the birthplace and home of the man who almost single-handedly inspired the Constitutional Convention to adopt the Declaration of Independence is reason enough to visit this beautiful park; this is but one of many reasons why this site is worth a trip.

Abigail Adams loved gardens, and the 18th century formal gardens surrounding Peacefield, the manor house the Adams’ occupied after their time in France, are a fine example of European formal gardens in America. Adams's 14,000 volume library, housed in an unusual medieval-styled Stone Library, is breathtaking for the literary-minded among us, and shows the breadth of education that made this man and his brilliant son famed intellectual powerhouses.

The park is open from April 19 through November 10, taking advantage of the beautiful late spring and summer weather to show off the beauty of the gardens and the exquisite care of the grounds. Be sure to plan your day around the guided tours, which are the only way to see the actual birthplaces and homes on the property. Each tour takes two hours and fills up quickly, on a first-come first-served basis only. Visiting the Adams National Historical Park is a great way to spend any summer weekend!  Check out their website for times and directions: