CHR Turns 45: A Few Words from Edward Zuker

Posted on: Friday, October 17, 2014 - 2:21pm
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CHR Turns 45: A Few Words from Edward ZukerCHR turned 45 last month and we marked the occasion with a sunset dinner and cruise on The Spirit of Boston. We all had such a fabulous time and The Spirit of Boston is a beautiful boat. The views of sunset over the city of Boston were spectacular. Great food, music, dancing and good friends…the party kept going after the boat docked. When you are having fun, time goes by quickly.


It was a true celebration. For me, it was so inspiring to see all the young people, new to Chestnut Hill Realty. Your enthusiasm and enjoyment encourages me that we will be around for another 45 years. We have a lot to celebrate.


Because of the CHR culture, the future of our company is bright. Together, we have created a culture that emphasizes quality of life, one in which we support each other and balance work and family life. Because of our culture, we are able to deliver services to our residents, which put their quality of life first. This has been the core of our success and has allowed us to grow, take on more projects, and expand the team through growth opportunities.


There were almost 250 CHR team members and guests on the cruise. Of these, 69 were members of The President’s Club – team members with five or more years of service with CHR. I realize how important it is to have employees with continuity within the company. Over 50% of our team members have been with us over five years and 50% of those over ten years.


Taking good care of our residents is our main job. Our continued success allows us to have the quality-of-life that we are all so proud of and enjoy every day. Thank you all for your “spirit,” hard work and loyalty. In five years, I hope we will all be together celebrating our  50th anniversary.