Cold and Flu Season: Keep Your Apartment Stocked

Posted on: Friday, January 4, 2013 - 11:51am

Cold and Flu Season: Keep Your Apartment StockedIt's the height of the cold and flu season. Even if you feel in tip-top shape right now, you should stock up your CHR apartment with the essentials in case you start to get the sniffles. As always, before treating any illness you should consult your doctor.


Essentials for Your Medicine Cabinet:

-Thermometer: This is the most important piece. It's a good indicator of how sick you are and if you should stay home.

-Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen

-Vitamin C




Essentials for Your Bedroom:

-Humidifier (Tip: You can often find vaporizing agents to add to your humidifier to help ease your cold symptoms and open up your breathing passages.)

-Soft tissues: Look for tissues with aloe, shea butter, or vitamin E. Also, Kleenex came out with a Cool Touch tissue to ease your sore nose.


Essentials for Your Kitchen:

-Ingredients for chicken soup: Chicken stock (or bouillon cubes) noodles, soy sauce, garlic, salt and pepper is an easy way to throw together a homey soup.

-Hot Pepper Sauce: If you can stand the heat, put it in your soup. Spice helps clear out your sinuses.

-Honey: Feel free to buy the economy size. Honey never goes bad! (Tip: Mix a spoonful of honey with a tiny pinch of cayenne pepper. The honey will coat your throat and calm coughs while the pepper will help clear those sinuses.)

-Tea: Look for teas with ginger in them or use your favorite herbal blend. Drinking tea will ensure you get your fluids. Add honey to help soothe your throat.


The Non-Essentials Just for You: 

-Ice cream

-Netflix or other streaming video services

-Slipper socks

-Fuzzy throw blankets

-Microwavable aromatic warming pads like Nuggle Buddy