Culinary Arts Museum at Johnson and Wales, Providence RI

Posted on: Friday, July 15, 2011 - 1:46pm

Culinary Arts Museum

Eating, as one of the most important life-sustaining human activities, has always fascinated us. The methods by which men and women of all cultures have gathered, prepared, and served their food and drink have filled the pages of thousands of books, provided the words of millions of conversations, and given the lifeblood to many scores of professions. It is only fitting, then, that this expansive topic have its own shrine, and the Culinary Arts Museum the campus of Johnson & Wales University provides that very celebration of the quintessential human activity.

With a wide range of exciting and entertaining collections, ranging from historical home kitchen devices to the evolution of menus or food packaging, the Culinary Arts Museum showcases some of the most important historical memorabilia of humanity's passion for food. With a collection of over 250,000 items, including 60,000 cookbooks, the museum offers a comprehensive look into this fascinating and often unappreciated history. Culinary students at the Johnson & Wales University, as well as visiting chefs and bakers, often use the visitors as a test audience to try out new and elaborate culinary concoctions; you might leave the museum with both your mind and stomach full!

The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM, and closed on major holidays. Adult admission is $7, admission for children under 18 is $2, and college students with a valid student ID enter for $4. Before your trip, check online to get directions and to plan around any special tours or museum events that pique your interest. In addition to the daily events or special collections, the vast permanent offering of the Culinary Arts Museum is a great way to learn more about an activity we enjoy every day.