Decorating Tips With Items You Already Have

Posted on: Friday, September 21, 2012 - 12:56pm

Decorating Tips With Items You Already HaveBefore we jump into it, it's time to clean your apartment first. Reducing clutter is the number one way to reclaim your space!


Cereal Boxes: What's the saying? Reduce, recycle, reuse? Cereal boxes will get you two out of the three.  Make space for all those odds and ends and reduce your clutter by turning old cereal boxes into storage boxes. They are perfect for storing magazines or clip them to your refrigerator to make a quick letter organizer. See a photo tutorial here.


Hardcover Books: Books are great for adding sophistication to your end tables and coffee tables not just your bookshelf! Sit your lamps on top of a couple of hardcover book and you instantly change the space. Check out these photos here to gather inspiration. Place your prized knick knacks atop books to create fun tableaus that show off your personality. 


Tea Cups and Tin Cans: Another way to bring life to your apartment is through houseplants. Create fun and unique planters out of your coffee mugs and teacups. You can also use leftover soup cans and tea tins as planters. Mix and match! That's where you have the most fun in creating your indoor cup garden. Check out this blog post for some inspiration, but take a look in your cabinets before you head to the thrift store to buy new cups.