Earth Month 2012: Saving Energy on Your Computer

Posted on: Friday, April 6, 2012 - 2:14pm

Earth Month 2012: Saving Energy on Your ComputerIt's Earth Month 2012! In honor of our home planet, the CHR blog will be all about green. Also, CHR Residents will receive two green-themed emails in the upcoming weeks leading up to Earth Day. What are you doing for Earth Month this year?


This week's tip is about conserving energy on your computer:


Laptop vs Desktop: If you use a laptop like most of us do, you're already saving! A laptop using about 15 to 25 watts during use where a desktop can draw around 150 watts. That's huge!


Sleep Settings: Set the sleep functionality on your computer. This is such a simple task that has dramatic results. Not only will you save on wattage, but there can be big cash savings on your electricity bill. 


For more tips on how you can conserve on you computer check out Energy Star's page. Energy Star says you can save up to $50/year!