Keeping Warm Without The Thermostat

Posted on: Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 3:26pm

Keeping Warm Without The ThermostatIt's been frigid the last few days and the low temps will continue through the weekend. Here are three easy ways to keep you and your apartment warm without touching thermostat.


1. Windows: Windows can be the largest culprit when it comes to escaped heat. Make sure your windows are properly shut and locked. On sunny days open up your blinds and curtains to capture Earth's natural heat source and closed them again at dusk. Thick thermal curtains are the best option for you to use during the winter, but if you want a cheap and fast solution, use vinyl shower curtains.


2. Oven: Get your chef's hat on and start cooking! The more you cook and bake, the more your apartment will reap the benefit. Keep in mind that the heat from cooking will help dry the air so avoid anything that will generate steam. The lower the humidity, the less damp and chilly it will feel.


3. You: The absolute best way to beat the cold is to heat the person, not the apartment home. Wear sweaters. Use blankets. Drink warm liquids. Exercise for 20 minutes. These are all easy ways to keep your own body temperature up. You can use a heating pad to help keep your feet warm when you are on the couch or put it on your stomach to warm your core. Find a knit or cotton hat and designate it as you "nightcap" and use it only when you are inside your apartment. 


As you sit sipping your hot tea in your new hat and sweater enjoying some fresh baked cookies, you'll wonder why all your Facebook friends are complaining about the cold.