Keeping Your Dog Cool

Posted on: Friday, May 31, 2013 - 3:05pm
Tagged with: pets

Keeping Your Dog's CoolLet's not forget about your furry friend during this late spring heat wave. Here are some tips to keep your dog cool:


Water- Obvious but necessary. Pre-hydrate your dog before you go out and bring plenty of water with you when you leave in case you need it.


Watch For The Signs- Your dog will let you know when he or she is hot. Watch for panting, dark pink or red tongue, dry or tacky mouth, slowing down while walking, or stumbling.


Vehicles- Never leave your dog in the car on a warm day. The sun can heat a car to more than 110 degrees on a 75 degree day even with the windows rolled down. 


When to Walk- Steer clear of peak sun times and walk your dog in the early morning or in the evening. Also, don't feed your dog an hour before or after exercise as it could cause digestion issues. 


Avoid Asphalt- On an 86 degree day the asphalt can reach temperatures of 135 degrees! You can fry an egg on that in 5 minutes and it's no good for your puppy's paws. If you can't comfortably press your hand to the sidewalk for seven seconds, stick to the grass.


Shed the Winter Coat- Make an appointment to get your dog's coat trimmed or cut to accommodate the heat.


Look for Fun Cooling Products- There are many products out there to help keep your pup cool. This K9 Cooler Bandana has moisture releasing crystals that allow the cloth to stay cool through evaporation. Or try this Micracool Mat for your dog to lie on after your walk.


When in doubt- Give in and turn on the AC. Even if it's only May, it's better to be on the cautious side!


Stay cool everyone!