Live Green: Cuppow!

Posted on: Friday, August 10, 2012 - 2:30pm

"To-Go" paper, plastic, or stryofoam cups are now a thing of the past. This neat little idea not only reuses something you might already have on hand, but it'll save you money on buying expensive stainless steel mugs or multi-colored plastic iced tumblers for your morning cup of joe. Cuppow is a BPA free and 100% recyclable plastic sip top to insert for a mason jar. If you're like us, canning jars are lying around from "make-your-own-cookies" gifts you received last holiday season and they just begging for a reason to be used and out of your cupboard.  This invention is made in the USA and it's under $10! You can have your choice between regular or Straw-Tek! for iced drinks. And the best part of all? A mason jar will fit in almost every car cup holder.


Check out the Cuppow! site for more info. Happy Sipping!