Live Green, Keep Cool

Posted on: Tuesday, July 8, 2014 - 4:02pm

Live Green, Keep CoolHere are some tricks to cool your apartment and conserve energy during the hot summer months:


Fans: Desktop and floor fans use dramatically less energy and are a great supplement to your A/C. You can raise your thermostat up to 9 degrees higher and feel the same amount of cool in the air if you use a fan and A/C together. Plus, you could save up 30% on your energy consumption!


Electronics: Electrical items radiate heat. Unplug small appliances, turn off the computer, and try to keep the refrigerator door closed.


Light Bulbs: Turn off all your lights and make the switch to energy efficient bulbs. CFLs and LED bulbs throw off much less heat than a conventional bulb.


Keep out the Sun: Close your windows and blinds to keep out the sun rays that can warm up your apartment. You can also shut the bathroom door or an unused bedroom to keep the cold air where you need it most.


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