Living Green in 2011 Recap

Posted on: Friday, January 27, 2012 - 4:37pm
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Living Green in 2011 RecapOur Project Manager for Energy Conservation, Clifford Rugg, took the time to break down for us what we achieved in 2011 for Green Living.  If you'd like to see what we asked our residents to do last year, check our our Resident Event's Page.  


Take it away Cliff!



Here are a few highlights of our major achievements in 2011:

-Since 2006, CHR has reduced its carbon footprint a total of 2.125 metric tons of CO2. Over 425,000 therms of energy have been conserved by replacing older inefficient equipment and improving efficiencies throughout the portfolio of properties. This is equivalent to taking 417 passenger vehicles off the road.


-For Longwood Towers  a completely new high efficiency heating system replaced an antiquated steam boiler system resulting in over 75,000 therms of natural gas being conserved every year henceforth. This project was awarded grants from national Grid and NStar. A cogen plant now provides almost all common area electrical needs plus all the domestic hot water as well.  


-CHR installed new microprocessor controls at more than 50 locations, which now conserve an average of 8% of gas and fuel oil to further reduce CHR’s carbon footprint. In addition, the conversion of 11 CHR properties from fuel oil to natural gas will reduce nitrous dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions as well as eliminate atmospheric particulates from the air we breathe.


-At Norwest Woods, CHR built its first Energy Star rated property with 54 units that feature Energy Star appliances and highly efficient heating and domestic hot water systems. This property was awarded grants for the additional efforts CHR made to improve the building envelope and mechanical systems as well.


CHR continues on this path with more conversions from fuel oil to natural gas planed for 2012 as well as high efficiency heating systems at several properties.  Our efforts at energy conservation are never considered completed but new efforts are continually being made to improve systems, educate residents and reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. 




As we look to 2012, what contests would you like to have at your CHR apartment home?