Living Green: Recycle the Holidays

Posted on: Friday, January 6, 2012 - 2:32pm
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Living Green: Recycle the HolidaysIt’s time to put away the holidays and get ready for mid winter.  As you start to pack up the season's cheer, take a careful look and see what can be reused for next year or recycled.


Wrapping Paper: Only have oddly shaped pieces left? As long as it’s not plastic coated or foil, recycle it!


Styrofoam: Were you the king or queen of online shopping but have tons of packing peanuts? Throw them in a bag and bring it to your closest UPS Store for recycling. You can also take the larger chunks of Styrofoam, break them up, and use them to protect your stored holiday decorations.


Christmas Trees: Every town has options on where to bring your old Christmas tree for recycling. Check out your town’s website of Public Works to see where you can go. (HINT: Next year, consider buying a potted Norfolk pine, fig tree, or other indoor plant that can be enjoyed year round!)


Bows and Ribbons: Find a bin to designate for bows and ribbons. You’ll be surprised how often you’ll dip into your stores for birthdays, anniversaries, and whatever else that needs celebrating.


Lights: Did you have any strings of twinkle lights die on you? Or are you thinking of making a switch to LED next year? Send off your old strings to Christmas Light Source Recycling Program. They recycle your old lights and take the proceeds to buy books. Those books are then donated to Toys for Tots.


Feels good to be green, doesn’t it?