Local Spotlight: Bridj, A Smart Transit System

Posted on: Friday, June 13, 2014 - 2:27pm

Local Spotlight: Bridj, A Smart Transit SystemLast month, a new transportation option opened up in the city of Boston. Bridj's founder, Matthew George, started this busing company from his dorm room at Middlebury College hoping to offer a solution for the bustling commuters of Boston and its surrounding areas of Brookline and Cambridge. Between the MBTA, with its low cost and slow service, and car sharing companies like ZipCar, Uber, or Lyft, with its high cost and relatively fast service, George felt there was middle ground missing. 



Bridj is self proclaimed as "Better Transit. For Everyone". They use top of the line luxury buses to get you from A to B in about half the time it takes on the MBTA by using some pretty fancy software that helps predict the traffic flow. Right now the two routes offered are Coolidge Corner to downtown Boston with a stop at Copley Plaza and Coolidge Corner to Kendall Square. However, Bridj will expand fast as its routes are based on the zip codes of its ridership.


Curious, yet? For the month of June, CHR residents ride for free and after that it's around $5-$8 per ride. Sign up at their site now! Bridj.com