Local Spotlight: Rover Come Over, Canton MA

Posted on: Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 4:06pm
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Local Spotlight: Rover Come Over, Canton MA
Your dog is special! That’s why you need a safe, loving, and positive environment for your dog while you benefit from guilt free days at work. This is where Rover Come Over starts calling you on over. 
Rover offers a 6,500 square foot fenced outdoor yard and a 1,600 square foot indoor playroom with all the amenities of home. The playground equipment at Rover is designed for dogs with different levels of difficulty for mental stimulation and confidence building. Supervised playgroups are held either indoors or out, depending on the weather and your dog’s needs. Toys and agility equipment are supplied to help increase confidence and agility. 
There are many benefits to your dog with the socialization a doggie day care can provide. Rover Come Over is a good solution for separation anxiety, youngsters with tons of energy, older dogs who need to go outside more often, and for every other dog. The socializing is vital to having a well rounded dog. 
Rover Come Over’s prices start at $27/day with options for sleepovers and additional services such as professional grooming and training.
Visit Rover Come Over's site find out more. http://rovercomeover.net