Spring is on its way! Don’t miss the Show!

Posted on: Friday, March 21, 2014 - 12:11pm
Tagged with: Horticulture

Spring is on its way! Don’t miss the Show!The Vernal Equinox was yesterday, March 20th, marking the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. This 2014, the anticipation of spring has never been greater!  With the longer days and the temperature’s warming up,  the landscapes will slowly wake from hibernation and come alive with an orchestral symphony of colors, textures, fragrance, sound and life.


As the snow recedes and the ground starts to thaw, CHR’s landscaping professionals will be appearing on the properties. They will be cleaning up the damage left from the grueling winter by pruning shrubs, cleaning and cutting back last year’s dead growth, dethatching and fertilizing lawns , and edging and mulching beds all in anticipation for the rush of growth and color.  


One of the first blooms that you will start to notice on the properties is the spring flowering trees and shrubs. Each location offers such diversity with stand outs like the early blooming Okame and Yoshino Cherries (pictured above at Hancock Village Apartments, Chestnut Hill MA) , the ever fragrant Star and Saucer Magnolia’s and the aristocratic Florida and Kousa Dogwoods that offer an ornamental value for every season. Other notable spring flowering trees that will merit your attention are the Redbuds, Crabapples (pictured left at Norwood Gardens Apartments, Norwood, MA), Hawthorns and Amelianchiers.  The flowering shrubs that you will observe have a variety of bloom times right up until June. These plants include both deciduous and evergreen species like the Witch-hazels, Forsythias, Azaleas, Spireas, Rhododendrons and every Mother’s favorite, the Lilacs.   All of these plants offer a variety of ornamental value while extending the bloom season.


Azalea, daffodils, and tulips

Another CHR standard is the very prolific seasonal flower displays highlighted throughout the properties.  As soon as the grounds starts to warm up you will see a variety of green stems poking up through what is left of the snow. Spring blooming bulbs are planted every fall with a variety and multitude of color, textures, heights and blooms right into mid-May. This year’s bulb total reached over 30,000 planted throughout all Chestnut Hill Realty’s properties. Most have a variety of Daffodils, Hyacinth, Alliums, Crocus and the main showcase bulb for all the sites is the ever popular Tulip (pictured left in orange along with purple Azaleas and yellow daffodil at Harvard Court Apartments in Brookline, MA).


Ballerina Magnolia

As this long awaited spring awakens and the last of the snow has melted, get out and explore your surroundings and enjoy the sensory experience and beauty of what your residence has to offer.  Please take pictures and send them to us on the CHR Facebook Page! (pictured left: Ballerina Magnolia at Hancock Village Apartments)