Three Last Minute Father's Day Gifts

Posted on: Friday, June 14, 2013 - 2:05pm
Tagged with: holidays

Three Last Minute Father's Day GiftsIt's been a busy rainy week and you just haven't had time to get to the store for a Father's Day gift. Don't stress! Here are three gifts that you can get in one mouse click.


Dollar Shave Club: You can click through and watch a very tongue-in-cheek video explanation, but the name says it all. For one dollar, you get a month's supply of razors delivered to Dad's door. Since he's your only Dad, you might want to pamper him and upgrade to The Executive Level which is nine dollars a month for a premium blade. 


Audible: This Amazon affiliated company is based on a monthly credit system similar to Netflix. A Gold Membership will send one audiobook directly to your Dad's iPhone, iPad, or Android. If your Dad has a long commute to work, this is a great gift. It will make rush hour on Rte. 93 much more pleasant. Is your Dad a amateur historian? Have him delve into your family's past with an subscription. matches the names and birthdates you provide with real public records that date back hundreds of years.


We hope you all have a wonderful Father's Day filled with fun and family.