Three 'P's of Patio Decorating

Posted on: Friday, May 10, 2013 - 1:15pm
Tagged with: apartment living, decor

The Three 'P's of Patio DecoratingIt's been gorgeous outside and we've been thinking non-stop about our apartments. To be more specific, just outside our apartments. Lets gear up for the warm days ahead with a few tips on decorating your patio or balcony.


Privacy: It's important to set up boundaries to give your outdoor space a little bit of privacy. Free standing screens like this one from Target (it's on sale!) are standard dividers, but you can also get creative. Make your own screen by repurposing items like these wall decorations.  However, one of the best ways to set up a privacy border is with our next 'P'.


Plants: Every outdoor space needs a little green. They make great natural dividers and some can help deter insects. Mint is a natural deterrent for bees while lemongrass and basil helps ward away mosquitoes. An added bonus to keeping potted herbs is you can use them in your kitchen. You haven't lived until you've had fresh mint in your lemonade!


Personality: You've defined your space and chosen your plants, now it's time to make it fun. How do you want your patio to feel? This will help you choose what kind of furniture. From there, ideas for decorations will come easily. Want a 1950's feel? Start with these chairs and build around them. How about a Nantucket inspiration? You can grab inexpensive Adirondack chairs almost anywhere. All you need is some beachy decor items to complete the look.


Enjoy the sunshine today and feel free to share photos of your apartment patio on our Facebook page.