A Tribute: Lillian's Retirement

Posted on: Thursday, August 29, 2013 - 1:42pm
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A Tribute: Lillian's RetirementLillian, Property Manager at Norwood Gardens Apartments. is retiring from Chestnut Hill Realty on Friday, August 30th after 30 years with the company. 
Lillian started out part time at the company answering phones. Her talents were quickly recognized and her responsibilities grew to include leasing and office management. She soon became a full time leasing agent. After about ten years, she was promoted to Property Manager, a position she has held for the past 20 years. “I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot here at Norwood Gardens,” says Lillian. “I hope I can turn it over to someone to follow through and have a pleasant experience like I’ve had." 
George, President of Property Management, was Lillian’s early mentor. “I’m proud to say that I started Lillian out in her job as Property Manager. We had weekly meetings about the ins and outs of property management, and she was positive, talented and a quick learner. She has been a true pleasure to work with over the years.”
Lillian credits the team at Norwood Gardens for helping her to make the property run smoothly. She wants to thank everyone for doing such a good job, including maintenance supervisor Steve and his co-workers Eduardo and David . On the management and leasing side, Lillian gives warm praise for assistant property manager Reno, and leasing professionals Lilli and Michael.
Norwood Gardens recently added a beautiful resident amenity center which took a lot of time and a lot of effort to build. The property team had to make sure that residents were kept comfortable and not inconvenienced during the construction. “The clubhouse was just one of the big challenges we’ve had over the years,” says Lillian, “but we have been able to overcome them all through hard work and teamwork. We are all proud of the property and the job we do every day to keep our residents happy."
“CHR is a special place to work,” says Lillian. “We are all team players, but we are really more like family. Eddie [CEO of Chestnut Hill Realty] is a generous person and is very good to the employees. He makes everyone feel comfortable and the result is that we all enjoy our jobs.  Over the years, as the company grew and added more properties, the employees were still treated as part of a family. It’s hard to find a company that makes you feel that way.”
Lillian has been married for 61 years to her husband James. They still live in Dedham in a home they built 55 years ago. They have two children, son James and daughter Pamela. They also have two grandchildren, Holly 26, a teacher and Shane 30, a sales executive. 
Lillian used to be a town meeting planner, and she plans on spending more time on town issues in Dedham after she retires. She also wants to travel with her husband and spend more time with her grandchildren and on her hobbies of gardening and sewing. As far as a retirement party goes, Lillian would rather not. “Everyone at CHR has been so good to me over the years, I don’t need a party. I’ll have the opportunity to say goodbye to everyone. I just want to bow out quietly.” 
From Ed: "Lillian, we are all grateful for your many contributions to the company, your friendship, and your inspiration. You will be sorely missed. Thank you and enjoy your retirement."
From all of us at CHR: "Please don't be a stranger. Visit often, but only after you've had some wonderful trip that will make us jealous. All the best to you and Jim."