Winter Storage When Space is Tight

Posted on: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 - 2:36pm

Winter Storage When Space is TightYou've cleaned out the closet, decided on what your are donating to charity, but now you're left with the task of organizing your winter clothes to make way for spring. Here are a few pointers on where you can pack these items away.  Remember to wash and throughly dry all your clothes and scrubs those boots before your store them away!


Vacuum storage bags: These are a life saver to help compress those holiday sweaters and quilts. Not to mention pretty cheap! 


Use your luggage: Your luggage is already occupying a hefty piece of storage real estate so put it to good use! Fill your luggage directly or put as many of the vacuum sealed storage bags as you can fit.


Utilize every nook and cranny: Under the bed, under the bureau, and even under the couch are all great out of the way places to storage your clothes. If you've used up all your hiding places, think about purchasing a wardrobe to store the rest and match your furniture. Or simply cover your storage bins with fabric and make it into an end table.


Boot storage: There are a tons of tips out there, but for small areas really make use of your vertical space. Find a boot rack like this one or similar and store your boots upside down. For decor enthusiasts, take advantage of this open storage to artfully displace your shoes. For those that have no patience for design, an old-fashion boot box may be your answer. Then just simply find a place to tuck them away.


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