Winter Weather: Let it Snow

Posted on: Friday, February 22, 2013 - 2:04pm
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Winter Weather: Let it SnowLooks like we've got more snow heading our way this weekend! That makes it a good time to remind you all of our snow policies. 


Move Your Cars: Pay attention to the plows. When you see a plow clear a space, move your vehicle. This will allow us to remove all snow efficiently, but we can't do it without your cooperation!


Black Ice: Even though we salt the walkways as much as possible, icing can still occur. See our other post on Icy Walkways, Use Caution and be careful when walking around the your community.


Snow Banks: They look like a lot of fun to play on, but please keep off the snow banks. Plow drivers cannot see around them and we want everyone to be safe.


Shovels: We do not dig out cars that have been blocked in by the plows. Make sure you have a shovel and an ice scraper on hand in case this happens to you.


Frozen Pipes: If you're fleeing the weather this weekend, make sure you leave your thermostat at 60 degrees. Frozen pipes could burst if set any lower.


Keep in mind it's New England! The weather can change at any minute. Should forecasts start calling for a lot more snow, check out these other CHR Blog posts for some helpful tips:

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