5 Quick Tips to Declutter the Kitchen

Posted on: Friday, July 10, 2015 - 3:15pm

5 Quick Tips to Declutter the KitchenYour kitchen is the most used space in your apartment. It's time to treat it right. Here are four quick tips and one not so quick tip to make your kitchen look it's best.

1. Dishes: The most overlooked chore. Dishes are not done until they are dried and put away! Plates and Tupperware stacked on drying racks only add to a cluttered counter top.

2. Groceries: This is very similar to tip #1. Going to the grocery store and back doesn't mean your job is done. Foodstuff should be put in a cabinet or a fridge. A nice bowl of fruit on the counter top is fine, but your entire week's shopping list is not. Putting everything where it should go will also help give you an idea of what you have in stock for your next trip to the supermarket.

3. Counter Top Items: Start by cleaning your counter tops and moving every single item and appliance. If you touch an item that's particularly dusty, take it off the counter. Dust means you haven't used it in a long time. Seldom used items should be stored out of sight and not taking up valuable real estate on your counter.

4. Refrigerator: This one is easy and you'll be surprised you hadn't thought of it. Remove everything that's hanging on your fridge. This sounds silly, but a clean sleek fridge will make your kitchen feel less cluttered immediately. If you can't seem to part with a few photos, try to limit yourself to under 10 things and arrange them neatly.

And finally, the not so quick tip:

5. Cabinets: Now that you've put all your dishes, groceries, and seldom use counter top items away, you may have noticed redundancies or unnecessary items. Start making a pile of things to donate or throw away. This goes for your pantry too. Check those dates! Just make sure you limit yourself to one cabinet or drawer per decluttering session. This way you won't get overwhelmed and you'll have time to think about what you really need.