5 Things You Don’t Know About Fenway Park

Posted on: Friday, September 11, 2015 - 10:42am
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5 Things You Don’t Know About Fenway ParkFenway Diamond Apartments residents are lucky enough to live next to one Boston's biggest attractions: The oldest continually operating stadium in baseball, Fenway Park. Ace your next trivia night or impress your sports fan friends with these 5 things that most people don't know about Fenway Park. 

1. The Green Monster is not original to the park - While the Monstah is Fenway legend nowadays, it wasn't always the case. From 1912 until 1933, there was an unsightly 10-foot dirt slope, known as Duffy's Cliff in honor of the Sox's left fielder, in front of a shorter retaining wall. Why? We're not sure, but it had something to do with stadium engineering. It also meant that Duffy, the left fielder, got a major workout running partway up the hill to field balls. In 1934, during maintenance after fires, the wall was built taller and the dirt removed. However, the retaining wall was blue not green. In 1947, the wall received its green paint and became the MLB icon we all know and love today. Wally the Green Monster, the Sox's official mascot, did not debut until 1997. The Green Monster is 37 feet tall, which makes it the highest wall in major-league baseball. 

2. The other foul pole is named - Everyone known Pesky's pole, but the second yellow foul pole also has a name. This makes Fenway the only major league park with two named foul poles. In 2005, the second pole was officially named after another famous player: Carlton Fisk, who knocked a homer off the pole in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series. 

3. "Sweet Caroline" has been a constant since 2002 - Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" has been played at every Sox home game since 2002 when Dr. Charles Steinberg decided to make the tradition an every-game event. Prior to that, "Sweet Caroline" was played every time the Sox were ahead in the eighth since 1997. In interviews, Diamond actually confirmed that the song was written for Caroline Kennedy, which brings us to the next item of Fenway trivia...

4. JFK's grandfather threw out the first-ever first pitch at Fenway -  Since he was mayor at the time, John Fitzgerald, known as "Honey Fitz," was a natural pick to throw the first pitch at the first Fenway game on April 20, 1912. 

5. Fenway boasts the last wooden seats in all of baseball - You can actually it on a piece of history when in the historic stadium. Fenway boasts the very last wooden seats in all of major league baseball, tucked away in the right field grandstands. The seats are Sox blue and were refurbished in 2009 most still feature the original oak wood slats. 

These are just a few of Fenway's hidden facts. On a tour of the Park, you can learn a lot more -- and get close to the Monster, the red seat, and other Fenway landmarks. 

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