5 Ways to Embrace Colorful Design in Your Rental Apartment

Posted on: Friday, November 6, 2015 - 1:10pm
Tagged with: decor

Color brightens up any space, personalizing it and creating a myriad of different effects. That’s why it’s so important for renters to embrace color in their homes; color makes the space your own and lets you put your stamp on it. Try these five tricks to help you embrace colorful design throughout your rental apartment, courtesy of RENTCafé

1. Create a Color Field Canvas


Color field canvases make a bold statement. Image via RENTCafé

If you love color, but can’t paint your walls, consider creating a color field canvas. A color field is a large canvas painted in either a single bold color or a mixture of different shades, without any image or theme presented. Hang one above your couch or bed and you instantly bring a lot of color into the room. 

2. Consider Decorative Removable Contact Paper


Decorative contact paper adds instant style anywhere. Image via Hello Lidy

You probably remember contact paper as the stuff your grandmother used to line her shelves, but today’s contact paper is a completely different thing. It often features bold and funky designs and can be used to transform almost anything around the house - coffee tables, headboards, or even walls, as shown in the image below - into colorful works of art. It goes on fast and peels off easily without harming the surface behind it, so you can change the colors and patterns often to suit your moods. Just make sure it's removable before you purchase.

3. Get Bold with Accessories


Bold red accessories make the room come alive. Image via RENTCafé

Accessories can really add a lot of color to any room in your home, so much so in fact that you may find that plain white or cream walls become a refreshing backdrop! The key to getting bold with your accessories is to choose a single color and repeat it frequently throughout the space. You can choose the traditional route of curtains, throw rugs, and pillows, or go untraditional with lamps, chairs, vases, and end tables instead.

4. Choose a Statement Piece


A funky teal bookcase dresses up the whole room. Image via Woman's Day

Sometimes a little color can go a long way, especially when it’s used in a bold or surprising way. Consider choosing – or painting – a large piece of furniture in a very bold color, and placing it in a prominent position. Think a large buffet table painted a bold olive green in your entryway, an energizing teal bookcase in the living room, or a pair of bold red chairs flanking your windows. The rest of the room can remain fairly neutral, and you’ll still feel the effect of the bold color in the space.

5. Try Some Removable Vinyl Decals


Add pops of color to your walls with vinyl decals. Image via TweetHeartWallArt

Removable vinyl decals have been gaining in popularity for the last several years now, and with good reason. You can find them in any shape, color, size, or design, and you can use them to create an instant focal point anywhere in your home. Choose one in a bright or daring color to add interest, style, and personality to your décor all at once.


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