Horticulture Internship

What will you gain?

The Chestnut Hill Realty Paid Summer Horticulture Internship programs offers students the opportunity to learn about the Horticulture industry from a hands-on perspective. Learn the introductory skills and tools needed for a starting point in the field of grounds maintenance/management including: design, installation and maintenance of seasonal flower displays, turf and landscape bed maintenance, ornamental shrub pruning and general repair and maintenance of landscape equipment. Other potential learning areas include landscape construction management, ornamental plant ID and landscape irrigation management. 

In-Depth Learning in:

Seasonal Flower Displays– Learn and develop the skills and tools needed for stunning seasonal flower bed displays. Learn Plant ID, design, installation and maintenance for a continuous and show stopper bloom. 

Turf and Landscape Bed Maintenance-Learn the safe use of tools and equipment needed for turf and landscape bed maintenance. The steps to take before cutting a lawn and how to get that perfect stripe and edge. Keeping your beds clean and identifying and manage current and potential weed/pest problems that could impact your landscape. Equipment could include the use of mowers, trimmers, blowers and hand tools. 

Ornamental Shrub Pruning- Learn the skills and tools needed to properly prune and maintain ornamental plants for health and functionality. Learn the proper timing, pruning types and plant identification and pruning requirements needed for a year round display.  Tools used include, hand pruners, battery powered shears, hand/pole saws and orchard ladders. 

Equipment Repair and Maintenance – Learn the basic skills of equipment repair and maintenance to keep your tools in top operational performance. Equipment repair could include, inspecting, cleaning, and changing oil/filters, sharpening blades and general miscellaneous maintenance of hand tools and power equipment. 

Miscellaneous Skills Learning Areas (Landscape Construction Management, Plant ID, Irrigation Management) - learn and assist in various areas of landscape construction management, irrigation repair and maintenance and plant selection and id. 


Hours will be 7am – 3:30pm, Monday through Friday

Enrollment in formal education program (High School, Vocational School, etc.)

At least 16 years of age

Limited duration, approximately 3 months

Strong desire to increase knowledge in Horticulture

Ability to work on a team