Property Testimonials

Property Testimonials

Read what our residents are saying about us at Chestnut Hill Realty.

Read what our residents are saying about us at Chestnut Hill Realty.

Auburn Harris Courtyard Apartments

I've been living at Auburn and Harris for 3 years now and really love my apartment and appreciate living with a company like CHR. I can walk to Coolidge Corner from my apartment as well as living right near the T which makes the location unbeatable. The entire maintenance staff is really great as well. I've had only a couple of small issues, but they have always come over within a day to fix them. I highly recommend it here.

Auburn Harris Courtyard Resident Auburn Harris Courtyard Apartments

I have lived with CHR for almost 10 years now and can't imagine going anywhere else. I know most of the staff by name and always get great service when I need it. They really care about their residents and it shows in everything they do.

Beacon Fairbanks Manor Apartments

My husband and I have lived here for 4 years now. We have consistently received excellent service, especially from the maintenance department. They respond quickly and take care of any issue that comes their way. I can't say enough about them. The office staff are warm and friendly and let you know that they value you. I know most of them by first name. You don't find that with most companies anymore.

Beacon Fairbanks Manor Resident Beacon Fairbanks Manor Apartments

I have lived with CHR for almost 10 years now and can't imagine going anywhere else. I know most of the staff by name and always get great service when I need it. They really care about their residents and it shows in everything they do.

Brattle Arms Apartments

Living here has been a dream. You can't get any closer to the conveniences of Harvard Square. The facilities are always maintained well and CHR has been very accommodating and responsive when we had questions or concerns.

Chauncy Court Apartments

I have been living here for just over a year and I love it. The neighborhood has great T access and my apartment and property are well maintained. The staff is always helpful and friendly.

I have lived at Chauncy St for close to two years and couldn't be happier. Any time I called the office they were really helpful and friendly. The maintenance department was outstanding. I never had an issue that they couldn't solve right away. I never had to worry about anything. The landscaping is beautiful and makes our building stand out, which is great. I love the reactions I get when I have friends come to visit and see the amazing courtyard.

Hampton Court Apartments

I've loved living in the building. You can't get a better location, and CHR does a great job keeping the building looking great. They really care about making sure the residents are happy.

Hancock Village Apartments

Hancock Village is a wonderful place to live. I love their wireless internet café, it makes it so easy to get work done. I also love the free shuttle service, it is a great convenience.

I really enjoy living at Hancock Village. The rent is reasonable for this area and the apartment is lovely. Maintenance is very responsive and I love the fitness club on site.

The amenities on the property are great! I enjoy the on site business center, where I can get a hot cup of coffee and a quite place to do some work.

Living at Hancock Village has been a pleasure for the past 10 years. The staff is wonderful and the location is perfect.

Hancock Village is a Great place to live. The staff is very helpful and the amenity center is fantastic.

Harvard Terrace Apartments

I have been living here for just over a year and I love it. The neighborhood has great T access and my apartment and property are well maintained. The staff is always helpful and friendly.

CHR is one of the most helpful, warm and friendly companies around. Not only do they excel at customer service, but in my experience, they go above and beyond. I recently had my car towed from a city street and didn't know where to turn as I recently moved to Boston. I called the office and the staff helped me locate my car, talked with the towing company, and printed me out directions to get there and followed up the next day to make sure I was ok. No other company would do that. That is what separates CHR from all the other companies around!

Harvard Terrace Resident Harvard Terrace Apartments

Kilsyth Hall Apartments

When we moved in we knew right away that this company was different. We were right. CHR has exceeded all expectations from the very beginning. All of our needs are met with a friendly people who care about their jobs and buildings and it shows.

I've been living on Kilsyth for a year and a half, and everything has been great! Maintenance is always quick to respond whenever there's an issue, and management staff is very friendly and prompt getting back.

CHR does a great job of keeping the property looking great, which isn't the easiest thing to do in the city. It's great when you live in a building where the company takes pride in the appearance. We always gets excited with the changing of the seasons because that means CHR will put in new flowers and landscaping. It really makes our property stand out. The staff are great and any issue we've had has been addressed very quickly and efficiently.

Kilsyth Manor Apartments

I have been living here for just over a year and I love it. The neighborhood has great T access and my apartment and property are well maintained. The staff is always helpful and friendly.

Longwood Towers Apartments

The kitchen is a cook's delight -amazingly complete. The location is convenient to shops, restaurants, theatres and museums. The buildings' grounds and gardens are beautiful and access to walking and biking in the Emerald Necklace is definitely the "best of Boston." The staff is gracious and helpful and the concierge services are a luxury we truly enjoy. We love the look and feel of this restored building and enjoy living in a piece of Boston/Brookline history.

Anna and Richard G Longwood Towers Apartments

Longwood Towers was the perfect place for me and my wife. Our apartment was quiet and the heating and air conditioning were very comfortable during the winter and the summer. The 24-hour concierge service was always very good in coordinating our maintenance requirements, receiving our packages and arranging for taxi service. The maintenance team was outstanding and punctual in responding to our periodic maintenance requests.

With a “T” stop immediately across the street, we didn’t need a car. We could travel to the airport and other locations in Boston with ease. Fenway Park is an easy 13 minute walk from Longwood.

Norwest Woods Apartments

I’ve been using the new Shuttle service provided by Norwest woods, and I really appreciate this idea as it gives me a smoother ride to the commuter station, without worrying about any car parking. The service is always on-time, and the drivers are very friendly. So thanks for providing this new service, and I look forward to see more benefits offered to the residents in our community as we have been very happy here.

I have been living in Norwest Woods Townhomes since April 2008. Two years back, my wife and I were looking to move to the Norwood area and we were looking for a 2 bedroom apartment with plenty of space, washer/dryer in apartment, peaceful community with lot of facilities.

We landed in the right place. The community is very friendly, the front office is courteous, the landscaping/snow cleaning have been very good (no complaints at all), ample parking for residents & guests, frequent community programs in the clubhouse, The management team is very good about spreading the green environmental friendly messages (I changed all my light bulbs to CFL), excellent maintenance team (we were instantly surprised by the quick turnaround times from the maintenance staff, excellent website (I even pay my rent online). The community also has very good play areas for kids (all ages).

All in all, a wonderful community with exceptional staff who practices excellent customer service skills all year around. We would recommend this to anyone who plans to live in Norwood, MA.

My family and I had to move from our home in RI 2 years ago when both of our jobs needed us to relocate to MA. We had lived in a home for 5 years, so moving to an apartment after not being able to see our home, was a huge life changing moment for us. We decided to  look in Norwood to be near our daughters day care. We looked at different apartment complexes and even houses to rent. Deciding on moving into Norwest Woods was a great decision for myself and my family.

The staff of Norwest Woods have made the transition into apartment living extremely easy for us. They are always there to answer our questions and try to help us in our concerns. Given the economy, we have decided to downsize from a large 3 bedroom to a 2 bedroom and they were quite instrumental in us making our decision. They always had our best interest in mind.

Lastly, we can not say enough about the maintenance crew at our complex. They are hard workers and always respond in a timely manner when we call. It is a great team that you have running this facility and we couldn't be happier with our experience here.

Candice, Alex and Katerina Norwest Woods Apartments

When we signed our lease, we also joined the pool and exercise facility. In the summer months, I used the pool almost every day. I used the exercise room less often when I discovered that the outside perimeter road at Norwest Woods was almost a perfect mile in circumference and exactly what I wanted for walking Doggie with my stopwatch.

I was very impressed with the Norwest maintenance staff. The lawns and flower beds were well maintained. Litter was whisked away. Within minutes of calling for assistance, a member of the staff was at our door to help or fix any situation that arose. Whatever we needed was quickly done and the staff often had great suggestions that made our life more pleasant and comfortable, especially in the early transition months.

I have to say that I really came to like the Town of Norwood. I liked the downtown area. I liked the train service to Boston, and the free shuttle van from Norwest Woods to the train. I liked that my apartment was within easy walking distance to some wonderful restaurants and stores, and within easy driving to Supermarkets, Legacy Place, and Boston.

Ilan & Jody F. Norwest Woods Apartments

Norwood Gardens Apartments

Norwood Gardens was my first experience living on my own after college, and I appreciate how everyone went out of their way to make sure I understood everything about living in an apartment. Everything is so well maintained and it is a fabulous, relaxed, quiet community to live in.

We love that things get done so quickly! The maintenance staff are great guys and the landscapers are wonderful at their job.

I take this opportunity to thank the management and staff of Norwood Gardens for all the help and support given to my family and myself. You have made our 11 year stay here very safe and comfortable.

My apartment is perfect! Beautiful, clean, updated features and absolutely wonderful layout. I am thrilled with everything about my new home (right down to the dimmer switch in the dining room.) Thank you Chestnut Hill Realty and everyone involved for making my dream come true.

Thanks for your care and concern for the residents of Norwood Gardens. Great place to live.

Absolutely awesome!! Cozy, convenient, reasonably priced, and peaceful.

The pizza party appreciation was great! It was so nice to meet some of my neighbors. Thanks for all the preparation, planning, and pizza!

I have lived in other apartment complexes, and this by far is the best place I have ever lived.

Every month Norwood Gardens has introduced activities for both young and mature residents to join, making our home a fun place to live.

We just wanted to thank you so much for all the help and support you provided during our move. We couldn't have done it without your kindness. Thank you also for those delicious welcome present! :) (It's all gone now...haha!) Anne & Paul V.

Anne & Paul V. Norwood Gardens Apartments

Regency Plaza Apartments

I came to Providence on a work visa for couple of years and got Regency's reference through my friends, as a preferred choice of stay.  As a happy and satisfied customer since 2006, I'd like to write this small but sincere testimonial about the comfortable living environment that Regency Plaza provides and all the services/benefits that residents enjoy here during the stay - the responsive and responsible concierge, professional and friendly leasing department, committed maintenance and house-keeping personnel, regular and entertaining community activities, easy access to recreational resources, prominent downtown location and above all, a fun and vibrant atmosphere, full of life.

All these elements have transformed living in Regency into a cherishable experience and I'd recommend Regency to all my friends, who are planning to fly down for work in Providence, in near future.

I just want to say what a terrific experience it is to live at the Regency Plaza. To reside in downtown Providence, and have access to all of the fantastic things that the city has to offer is just wonderful. We have so many restaurants and theatre options available within walking distance of home. One can’t ever be bored! The staff is exceptional and professional - the grounds and pool area are an oasis in the city. I love it!

Since I arrived at The Regency in October 2009 my life has changed for the better.  It sounds corny, but it's true.  I've met a bunch of terrific people, and I like the fact that my job and many entertainment venues are close by.  Everyone on the staff that I've spoken with has been so nice and professional to me and the accommodations and facilities were everything I was looking for.  The folks living on my floor have been friendly and considerate too.  I'm looking forward to the summer months here when there'll be more outdoor activities.

The Regency Plaza is the best apartment complex in Providence, because of its great downtown location and because its like living in a luxury hotel due to all of the wonderful amenities. The friendly staff, clean buildings, prompt maintenance can’t be beat.

Ridgecrest Village Apartments

I've lived here for almost 6 years now. I have never had a problem with the maintenance, management staff or the grounds. The maintenance staff is great and very reliable. I call the maintenance number and the same day when I get home there is a tag hanging from my apartment door stating that the problem was taken care of. Recently I had a maintenance problem and it was taken care within 2 days of the call because they needed to get an outside person to do the job.  The management staff is very open for new suggestions and assistance. One of the things that I really look forward to in the spring time is to see how beautiful the grounds look with the beautiful flowers. I am really happy living here. Location is perfect.

The quick response to any problem about property issues is handled by staff properly.

After 31 years of living at Ridgecrest Village, I can honestly say that my wife and I will never move.  We feel very safe and secure here and have been very happy.  The very few minor problems we have encountered have always been resolved very quickly and to our satisfaction.  The office staff and the maintenance people are always courteous, friendly and very eager to be helpful.  The buildings and grounds are very well maintained and pleasing to the eye for visitors and residents alike.  After 31 years of living here things do change but always for the better.

I like my current property and enjoy my apartment.  The staff is very courteous and qualified. The apartment is large, light, warm and comfortable.

St. Paul Gardens Apartments

When we moved in we knew right away that this company was different. We were right. CHR has exceeded all expectations from the very beginning. All of our needs are met with a friendly people who care about their jobs and buildings and it shows.

Village Green Apartments

I LOVE the community! The landscaping is incredible and it feels very "homey". Management and staff have been extremely helpful answering all of my questions. I hope to be here for years to come!

Village Green Resident Village Green Apartments

There were many things that drew us to Village Green when we were apartment hunting. The first thing that set the apartments apart from others we had been viewing was their cleanliness. When we moved in our apartment looked brand new. Everything was so well maintained. The cabinets and carpeting looked like they had just been installed and the walls had fresh coats of paint. The location was also a major deciding factor for us. Its close proximity to 495 makes my commute to work much easier and all the retailers and nightlife we could need are right up the street but not right in our backyard. The apartment complex is off the main road on a quiet side street and is surrounded by trees making it a quiet peaceful place to live. Our entire experience at Village Green has been great. The staff is very friendly, our neighbors are very friendly and we love our home. I would and have recommended Village Green to my friends and family.

Village Green has been my home for 5 years. I first decided to visit Village Green because of the very reasonable rents and because they allow pets, and I have 2 cats who are very near and dear to me. I was so pleasantly surprised when I arrived. The grounds were absolutely beautiful – the setting is wooded and has a “country” feel to it, and it was impeccably clean and well-maintained. The office staff was so pleasant, the apartment was lovely and modern, and the price was right, so I decided that this was the place for me.

I have since discovered that the location is so convenient to everything – all the highways are a couple of minutes away, and grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, gas stations – you name it – are all within walking distance. I hit the Wrentham Outlets every week-end and go hiking in several nearby state parks. Also, there is conservation land adjacent to the community & I love to walk through the trails in the woods. My apartment is so beautiful and comfortable, my neighbors are quiet and it’s a very peaceful atmosphere. The management is awesome and take great care to respond to my needs with a smile and quickly. They even accept packages, so I don’t worry when I have something delivered. The fitness center is dynamite – the equipment is the quality of a health club, not just “home gym” stuff you see at other places. And the sauna is pure luxury! The pool is also an amazing treat in the summer – I can take a dip and relax after work, and enjoy lounging and sun-bathing on week-ends. It’s so big that you feel very comfortable… not small and crowded like others I’ve seen with people on top of each other. They have plenty of furniture, so you feel like you have your own space when you’re there. And the best part is that I don’t pay any extra to use the facilities, like some of my friends do at other places. I did recommend Village Green to one of my friends who did move in and they gave me $500 as a reward!

Village Green is a wonderful place to call home, is extraordinarily maintained, and in a great location. I would recommend it to anyone!

When I looked at Village Green you can notice the beautiful landscaping which is always kept up. I have been here for 8 years. The manager, office workers, and the maintenance crew are always there when you need them. There is a beautiful pool, fitness room, and tennis courts. You can even just walk outside for some exercise, or go inside and read a book or use the computer. I love my apartment which I call it my home. I have wonderful neighbors that would help you anytime. Village Green also has storage units that you can rent at a reasonable price and different sizes. Most of all about living here is again the great staff and it offers you so much to do. It’s close to stores, highways, and restaurants, etc.

I chose Village Green as my home because of its convenient location. It has proven to be a positive choice. The grounds are kept up beautifully. Any maintenance problems are handled quickly. All of the employees I have met are very professional and friendly.

Water View Terrace Apartments

Love living here and I have made so many friends. I do not know of any other community that caters to the fun times for the residents. The office staff always pleasant and are always there for you. Keep up the great work.

Water View Village Apartments

Thank you for the chest of sweets and for allowing us to use the community room for a reception, called a "shiva" after the funeral for my husband. It is said that the two most difficult times for a senior are the sale of and move from their home and the loss of a spouse. Well, I have suffered both events within a week of each other and I truly appreciate your kindness to me and to my family.

Thank you for taking such good care of us for three whole years. We could live here forever, but we bought a house. We will miss Water View Village and their cool events. We were always very impressed by your teamwork. Come rain, shine or storm, you guys rocked! A special thanks to Lee, Mark, Kaitlyn, Lesley and Jose for the smiles, support and great work.

Mona L. and Ashish K. Water View Village Apartments

Waterfall Hills at Canton Apartments

Great community!!!- I've been living here for 4 years and have loved living here. The apartments are spacious, luminous, peaceful and well maintained. Easy access to T and all the major highways (95, 93 &24). The staff is very professional, honest and full of kind attentions. The issues/repairs are taken care of very quickly.

We thoroughly enjoyed our two years living at Waterfall Hills. If we hadn't bought a house, we would definitely still be living here. The atmosphere and community were terrific. We feel lucky to have found Waterfall Hills! It is by far the best apartment complex that we have ever lived in. Thank you!

My personal thanks and appreciation to the management team at Waterfall Hills at Canton, MA who have made this clothing donation for Haiti possible. Francine, Brooke and Ed - how can I ever thank you enough? Haiti needs people like you!!

"To the management staff: I wish to express my ""sincere"" thanks and gratitude to all of you for making my move to this beautiful complex a pleasant one.

Thank you all again.

I am so excited and happy to be a part of the Waterfall Hills Estate.

The grounds are beautifully manicured and the people are so friendly.

My first impression upon entering the complex was wow!!!

Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful staff you have here - so efficient, helpful, considerate and understanding. You can't be anything but happy here."

Jeanne and Michael B. Waterfall Hills at Canton Apartments

Just wanted to drop you a quick note that our stay here at Waterfall Hills has been wonderful. When our circumstances dictated that we must live in an apartment for 2 months before our next home, we were not thrilled. But I'm happy to say that the whole experience so far has been very positive. When I initially met Francine and she showed me the model apartment, I had a good feeling about the complex. Kyetta extended this experience by offering a flexible lease and personally handled our application process via email quickly & efficiently.

Since the day we moved in, everything has been smooth and comfortable. The kids love the tennis court and pool, and the whole family has a great time barbequing by the picnic tables. I enjoy the fitness center and Joella and I look forward to our afternoon margarita on the balcony.

Most of all, the entire leasing office & maintenance staff have been helpful, courteous, and friendly way beyond our expectations. We would recommend Waterfall Hills to anyone considering without hesitation.

Peter and Joella W. Waterfall Hills at Canton Apartments

Thank you for caring, thank you for making it a little easier to have such wonderful memories here. These past 4 years have been AMAZING!

The owners have hired wonderfully imaginative landscapers, for I was treated to seeing some of the most beautiful flowers this summer. Added to the beauty of all this, is that there is a little water fall on the grounds that is pleasant to look at.

The folks in the office and the maintenance staff have been responsive and helpful throughout my stay. I tip my hat to the team for their efforts. The grounds and buildings are maintained with a high level of attention to the details.

Office staff, building staff, and grounds crew are always polite and helpful. Snow removal last winter was incredible.

The office frequently hosts "green" contests to conserve and raise awareness. We love that management cares about the environment and it's residents.

The staff are very friendly and helpful with all move in stuff. I completed most of my move on line and by the time I arrive, I had my keys within 15 minutes.

The apartments and services are very well managed and the residents needs are looked after with care and concern.  I was and still am amazed at the speed with which snow cleaning was handled.  The apartment was in very good condition and the rooms are very spacious.  I loved the idyllic setting.

I have been very happy here at Waterfall Hills.  Your management and the maintenance crew have made my life trouble-free. 

Wendell Terrace Apartments

When we moved in we knew right away that this company was different. We were right. CHR has exceeded all expectations from the very beginning. All of our needs are met with a friendly people who care about their jobs and buildings and it shows.

We've had such a fantastic experience with CHR. We've been amazed by the level of service from the management office to the exceptional maintenance department. We always have our needs met faster than we could imagine. We've never lived somewhere with this level of customer service and would recommend them to anyone!