10 Great Ways to Conserve Water in Your Apartment Home

Posted on: Friday, August 12, 2011 - 4:17pm
Tagged with: Live Green, Save Money

10 Great Ways to Conserve Water in Your Apartment HomeDid you know the average person uses 88-100 gallons of water per day? This adds up to over 30,000 gallons of water a year! From shortening your shower to only washing full loads of laundry or dishes, there are plenty of simple ways to save gallons of water each year! Here is a list of tips from the Green Team at Chestnut Hill Realty. Start Living Green


1. Rinse your produce in a bowl of water instead of under the faucet.

2. Do not let the water run when brushing your teeth or shaving.

3. Reuse the water from boiling vegetables or pasta to water your indoor plants once it has cooled.

4. If you like to enjoy a cold glass of water, place a pitcher in your refrigerator instead of letting the tap run until it’s cold.

5. Only run the dishwasher once it is completely full. Also, try using one glass per day if you are drinking and refilling your water.

  1. 6. Don’t use your toilet as a wastebasket. Flushing a tissue or small piece of trash wastes 5 to 7 gallon per flush.

7. Let your dirty pots and pans soak in the sink rather than letting the faucet run while you clean them.

8. Make sure to turn off all faucets completely after each use.

9. Instead of using running water, thaw frozen foods in the refrigerator.

10. Be sure to alert our maintenance staff if you notice a leaky toilet or faucet! 

Photo Source: Flickr