Apartment Tips For Your Dog

Posted on: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 - 8:17am
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Apartment Tips for Your Dog

Proper care for dogs takes on a new importance in an apartment home. Many dogs require space and fresh air to feel at home, and many owners find both of these resources difficult to come by in such a living situation. How can you make your apartment home a proper home for your dog as well?

Ensure your dog gets proper exercise. Take your dog on a walk, even if no further than around the exterior of the building. Dogs were made to run and romp, and when they fail to get their exercise, they tend to react poorly, sometimes destructively. Many apartment owners can share stories about when their dogs, often large dogs, ripped up furniture in a bid to release their pent-up energy. Regular walks and exercise for your dog can ensure that will not happen to you.

You also need to play with your dog. Many dog owners have busy lives, and it is important to remember that your dog is a living creature with a need for social interaction. Take time out of your day to play with your dog, or even sit and pet it. In an apartment home where a dog cannot interact with other animals or the natural world, it is imperative that you provide mental stimulation so that your dog will be healthy.

Finally, take the time to train your dog. Teach your dog to signal you if it needs to go outside. With the great outdoors inaccessible, you need to come up with a good way to keep your carpets clean and your dog content. Put a bell or leash by the door and teach the dog to touch it when nature calls. You will be surprised at how quickly the dog can adapt to your new apartment home.