Colors of Fall

Posted on: Friday, September 26, 2014 - 2:26pm
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Colors of FallAs the temperatures start to drop and the day light grows shorter you will start to notice the colorful fall displays appearing on the properties.  The fall season is like a changing of the guard. The lush summer landscapes slow down and start to conserve their energy for a long winter. The fall season and change in the landscapes can be one of the most inspiring and colorful times of the year as it is especially evident outside your CHR apartment window.


Colors of Fall: Maple colors(Maple at Village Green Apartments, Plainville, MA)

Our shade trees in New England have some of the best fall color displays around. Examples of varieties just walking distance from your door include the tulip poplars, sweet gums, ash, oak, tupelo, sassafras, birch, elm, hickory and the champions of the fall …The Maples. The Maples are the central tree in the fall color wheel that most tourists flock to New England to see.  The Sugar and Red Maples have the most vibrant of colors that can warm you on a cool crisp day.


(Franklinia Alatamaha fall bloom. Photo source:

Along with the large shade trees many small flowering trees as well as shrubs such as witch-hazel, viburnum, fothergilla, azalea, hydrangea and virginia sweet spire put on quite a show of leaf color and ornamental fruit. Example of small flowering fall trees stand are the dogwood, cherry, hawthorn, service-berry, crabapple, pear, parrotia, stewartia and the historical and very unique Ben Franklin Tree. The Ben Franklin Tree (Franklinia Alatamaha) was discovered in the late 1700’s by the celebrated plant explorer William Bartram. It is a unique plant that flowers late in September while in its full fall color glory.  Bartram’s collection of seed from a native grove in Georgia prevented this prize tree from becoming extinct.


Colors of Fall: Fall plantings(Fall Plantings at Hancock Village Apartments Shopping Mall, Chestnut Hill, MA)

Along with the leaf and fruit displays CHR has a standard of seasonal display changes to the flower beds in the highlight areas of the properties. Our landscape professionals remove the tired summer displays and transform them with the warm and peaceful colors of the fall extending the season with chrysanthemums, ornamental kale, pansies and our own native New England Asters.


The fall can grant some of the year’s best weather days, the kind of days that you wish you could bottle up and save for some time later. New England author Nathaniel Hawthorne said ”I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.”


So take advantage of the weather while it lasts and explore some of the fall’s colorful landscapes that your apartment community has to offer. 

(First picture above: Hancock Woods Reservation)