Earth Month 2012: Reuse Reuse

Posted on: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 2:33pm
Tagged with: Earth Day 2012, Live Green

Earth Month 2012: Reuse ReuseIt's not just all about recycling. Let's not forget about reusing! It takes energy and transportation time to get items where they need to be recycled. That's why it's always better to reuse wherever you can. Here are some typical household items that have great reuse value:

Egg Cartons: If you buy cartons in either the styrofoam, but preferably plastic, you can rinse them and use for freezing. It's the perfect size for cookie batter, meatballs, or anything that can be divided into individual portions. Also, the perfect size to make fun Jell-o molds. Or start you garden indoors by planting your seeds in the empty carton.

Paper Towel Rolls: Do you have a drawer or cabinet overflowing with plastic grocery bags? Use your empty paper towel roll to store them. They are also great to gather up cables and extension cords. If you like to have crease free hand towels, roll your linens around the tubes to keep them fresh and winkle free.

Wine Corks: Use corks to store you knives safely in a drawer. You can also clean your knives with a dash of cleanser and a cork instead of an abrasive cleaning pad. Silence slamming kitchen cabinets by slicing a piece of cork and sticking them with removable tape on the inside corners or save your floors by gluing slices of cork to the bottom of your furniture.

Spaghetti Sauce Jars: Use them to store rogue buttons, nails, thread, teabags, and other odds and ends. Or, remove the label and use as a small planter.

What's your favorite item to reuse?