Four Air Cleaning Apartment Houseplants

Posted on: Friday, January 10, 2014 - 9:52am
Tagged with: decor, Live Green

Four Air Cleaning Apartment Houseplants Today is National Houseplant Appreciation Day! Houseplants are not only great for brightening up your apartment space, but they can clean the air around you. Here are the top four plants that can help remove stale winter air.


Aloe Vera: This beautiful succulent plant helps remove toxins from the air that are commonly found in chemical-based household cleaners. It's easy to care for and would be perfect for a bright sunny window. The bonus of this plant is the gel inside the leaves that can help heal cuts and burns.


Spider Plant: This plant is practically kill proof and can help rid the air of multiple toxins including carbon monoxide. The spider plant will thrive no matter where you put it, but might look right at home hanging in your kitchen window.


Orchid: Orchids have a bad rap as some people can mistake the short bloom cycle as a sign of defeat. However, it's the leaves and stems last a long time. Care for it long enough and you'll see it bloom again. This is a great plant for the bedroom because it releases oxygen at night on top of removing air pollutants.


Peace Lily: This plant is very pretty to look at and packs a serious air cleaning punch. It can remove many toxins including VOCs and is a piece of cake to care for. Since it's so pleasing to look at, try showcasing it in your living room.