Giving Thanks For Leftover Recipes

Posted on: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 12:45pm
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Giving Thanks For Leftover RecipesYou feasted, gave thanks, and all your guests are gone. Now what are you going to do with all these leftovers? 


Day After Thanksgiving Breakfast:

Stuffing Egg Cups:

So simple and delicious. The best part is utilizing your muffin pans for the perfect portions. Check out the Daily Dish's recipe.

Cranberry Pancakes:

If you don't make cranberry sauce from scratch and only use the canned jellied sauce, that's OK. Still heat up the sauce as directed then throw some craisins in your pancake batter or chocolate chips. Cranberry and chocolate are excellent together! Check out Martha Stewart's recipe.


Day After Thanksgiving Lunch:

Turkey BLT:

Make your BLT as usual except add in some turkey slices and mix some cranberry sauce in with your mayo. Serve on some leftover dinner rolls. Delightful!

Curried Turkey Salad:

Maybe after all that pie, you're in desperate need of some greens. Open up that spice cabinet and let's make a salad. Check out Delish's recipe. 


Day After Thanksgiving Dinner:

CHR Thanksgiving Pizza:

This is a no holds barred way to get rid of all your leftovers. Feel free to use whatever combination you prefer, but here are some tips from our prior experience:

-Use a pre-made pizza crust from the bread section. You're going to need the sturdy shell to hold the weight. If you insist on making your own crust, bake it for a few minutes first before adding toppings.

-Layer mashed potatoes on the crust as your "pizza sauce".

-Top with turkey, green beans, sweet potatoes, and cranberries as your toppings. You can add stuffing too!

-Drizzle gravy over everything. Feel free to get artistic!


All of us here at CHR hope your Thanksgiving is filled with many family and friends. We are thankful to our residents and thankful for everyone in the CHR family.


Happy Thanksgiving!