Local Spotlight: Anna's Hand Cut Donuts

Posted on: Thursday, August 21, 2014 - 3:27pm
Local Spotlight: Anna's Hand Cut DonutsAt Anna’s Hand Cut Donuts in West Roxbury, MA, the simple donut menu is sure to sweeten any appetite for decadence. As you walk into Anna’s the smell of freshly made donuts fills the air and the will power to order just one donut goes out the window. Try a glazed, jelly or honey-dipped donut, but be forewarned... they are addictive! Night-owls may need to adjust their schedules because Anna’s is open from 5:00am until 1:00pm seven days a week. A local favorite, patrons spend their mornings enjoying fresh coffee and donuts while reading the paper. For all the coffee lovers out there, Anna’s has one of the best-iced coffees around. They use natural sugar and melt it with hot coffee before filling it up with ice. Even in the dead of winter, their iced coffee drinkers are faithful.
Why not pick up a box of Anna’s donuts for family or friends; it is sure to be a sweet sensation! Located at 2056 Centre Street between Alberta Street and Elgin Street in West Roxbury. Call (617) 323-2680.