Local Spotlight: Chansky's Market

Posted on: Friday, June 7, 2013 - 10:44am

Local Spotlight, Chansky's MarketOnce you step through the door of this Brighton, MA supermarket, you might feel as though you've walked directly into the cult classic film "Clerks". Stocked with everything including the wise-cracking staff, Chansky's is definitely more of an experience than a store.


It originally opened its doors in the 1940's to accommodate what was then a mostly family area. Since the 40's, Cleveland Circle has changed a lot and Chansky's has adapted to the times. They've put alot of thought into what a diverse neighborhood will need and it may be the only store in the area to satisfy your ice cream craving as well as a hankering to play ping pong. The biggest reason you'll keep going back for more is the staff. So attentive that they'll strike up a conversation with you as walk in. On your next visit don't be surprised if they remember you and what you bought!


Truly one of the last friendly neighborhood grocers, Chansky's is a treasure amidst the big super stores.


Chansky's is located on 161 Sutherland Rd, Brighton MA. Call 617-277-1190 and "Have a Chansky Day!"