Rugs: They Bring the Whole Room Together

Posted on: Friday, June 28, 2013 - 1:35pm
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Rugs: They Bring the Whole Room TogetherNothing pulls a room together faster than a nice accent rug, but choosing one can be daunting. Here are some questions to ask yourself before buying.


What space/area do I want to define?

What shape rug do I want?

What colors are already in the room?

What's my budget?


The answer to the first three questions can be found in your furniture. The way you've arranged the room will determine the space you want to bring together and the shape. Don't be fooled! If you have a rectangle space that doesn't mean you need a rectangle shaped rug. Adding an oval rug could add a layer of sophistication to your space. Figuring out color is a lot easier. Is your furniture muted? Look for vibrant and bold colored rugs. Do you have a lot of patterns on the walls and in your fabrics? Choose something subtle and neutral colored for your floors.


Now let's talk money. A good rule of thumb is to once again look back to your furniture. If the rug is for the living room, it should cost the same if not slightly more than the sofa. If you can't afford that kind of money right now, change your focus onto the kind of material and buy wool rugs if possible. Natural fiber rugs like sisal and jute are cheaper, but they are difficult to clean and if a bad stain occurs, there's no hope of getting it out. 


Are you ready to shop yet? For nice higher end rugs, Crate and Barrel have great quality choices. If that's too pricey check out West Elm. West Elm's prices are easier to swallow, but the styles tend to be more contemporary. And if you just need a cheap rug now, try Pier 1 Imports or Target. Their rugs will last a good couple of years. Avoid department stores as the mark up can be high and avoid buying online. You want to see the colors with your own eyes and feel the material.


Pro Tips:

-If there's more than one rug in the room, they shouldn't be the same size as it will visually cut your room in half. Also, colors in both rugs should complement each other.

-If you're buying a room rug, subtract 3 feet from the length and width of the room. This will make the room look larger.

-Dining room rugs should be 18-24" longer than the edge of the table to accommodate for pulling chairs in and out.

-Runners should be 4" narrower than your hallway and 18-24" shorter. 

-Always, always, always put a liner under your rug to keep it from slipping.