Sneaky Sugars: Drink This, Not That

Posted on: Friday, September 14, 2012 - 2:35pm

Sneaky Sugars: Drink This, Not ThatWe've all heard of "Eat this, Not That" but have you wondered how many calories you're drinking? Cut out some easy carbs with some well-informed choices.


Sugary Scary Facts* :

One 15.5fl oz of Minute Maid Apple Juice is the equivalent of 25 Dunkin Donuts muchkins

One 20fl oz Sobe Citrus Energy drink would be the same as eating 20 Pixy Sticks

One 20fl oz bottle of Tropicana Twister Orange Strawberry Banana Burst has the same amount of sugar as 24 Tootsie Rolls



The Healthy Alternatives:

Instead of Fruit Juices:

It's hard to find a straight alternative to all natural juice, but you could try cutting it with water to lessen the amount of sugar you intake. Make that number even less by switching to an organic fruit juice that uses the fruit's natural sugars instead of artificial sweeteners. Or switch to a sugar free drink mix like Banana Strawberry Orange Crystal Light.


Instead of Energy Drinks:

Try coconut waiter. It's naturally full of electrolytes and packed with potassium to keep your energy up. It comes in a variety of flavors so you can mix and match to make your favorite.


Instead of Soda:

Make the switch now to sparkling water. Mix the sparklingly water with any juice of your choice and to your taste. Over time, cut back on the amount of juice you add. Now you have a zero calorie all-natural drink! Add a squeeze of your favorite fruit to zest it up every now and then.


What are you drinking?


*These stats were borrowed from Linsday Carlton's Worst back-to-school beverages on Fox News. See the original article here.