What to Ask Your Leasing Agent

Posted on: Friday, May 6, 2011 - 10:10am
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What to Ask Your Leasing Agent

When prospects come to us from other countries or states, they rely on our honesty and knowledge of the area.  Looking online for a new home is a good start but they might not get all the important facts they will need to make a sound decision.


They should really get to the basics from the beginning of the conversation with the leasing professional.  Asking them if the city/town would be a good commute to their new job/school location.  The public school system for their children should be of high importance, since most towns run their own curriculum they would benefit asking to be referred to the name of the public school's web site where parents would get valuable information. 


Many people seeking an apartment rental for the first time may not take into consideration the value a property management community offers.  Most communities offer services and amenities not found in the private rental sector.  Emergency maintenance, quick and cost free repairs, snow removal, landscaping and access to a fitness center, swimming pool, tennis court and other facilities that are available as an expansion of their apartment home.  All these services are often overlooked but when considered, community residents can save a lot of money on items that are important to them and would cost  extra if not available with their rental elsewhere.


Taking the time to plan your search, make a list of what would enhance your lifestyle, what is important to you and your family will save a lot of time.  Don't just look at the sticker price, find out what is available/included with the rent so you can compare what it might cost you if you were responsible for all these expenses.  A good property management company will make it easy for you to live at their community and the monthly rent will be worth it.