What's Different about Our Apartments

What's Different about Our Apartments

Why Rent an Apartment from CHR?

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All Apartments are NOT Created Equal
Every apartment rental company needs an edge - something to set it apart from the competition, something that makes it more desirable than others in the same category. Through Living Green, Professional Management and Maintenance Guarantees, and Resident Testamonials, the CHR Difference becomes clear.

The CHR difference is actually a combination of factors, but they all stem from our philosophy that apartment renting shouldn't just be about living, but about living well. We try to give each of our restored and renovated properties unique features and extra amenities that are not typically found in similar apartment style homes, so spending time "at home" is not something residents have to do, but that they want to.

Take our Canton, MA apartments at Waterfall Hills, for example. Not only do they feature a stunning pool and outdoor tennis court, but also lovely park-like grounds, tucked up against acres of conservation land. Our Village Green apartments in Plainville, meanwhile, include not only a spacious fitness center, but a large clubhouse with a fireplace and apartment homes with options like color accent walls. We'd be remiss not to mention our location at Bay View Estates in Portsmouth, RI, since it includes just what the name states - views of the picturesque Narragansett Bay. What all of this means is that we take the comforts and wants of our residents very seriously, and do everything we can to make sure what they receive is a cut above. That's simply a part of the CHR difference.

A part? That's right. Our commitment to the quality of living for our clients doesn't end simply with the best Boston, MA and Providence, RI apartments on the market or some of the best values in the business. Instead, we've married a drive for resident satisfaction with one to help maintain and sustain what we have and what we use on this planet. With a focus on green living, we help not only reduce the environmental footprint left by CHR, but help our residents to do the same. By providing recycling options at all of our locations, as well as things like reusable grocery totes and apartment buildings that include on-site Zip Cars. we're committed to helping our residents get the most out of our apartments and give the most back to the environment. As well, we offer options like low water use fixtures, recyclable carpet and Energy Star appliances - little ways to save our residents money and save the environment harm.

CHR has been in business for over 45 years, and as a small, family-owned and operated company, we've learned what works and what doesn't. The corporate style of cookie-cutter properties where dollar signs rather than warning signs (?) become the highest priority, simply doesn't mesh with the way we do things.
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Resident Testimonials

I've loved living in the building. You can't get a better location, and CHR does a great job keeping the building looking great. They really care about making sure the residents are happy.

Living at Hancock Village has been a pleasure for the past 10 years. The staff is wonderful and the location is perfect.