Since our founding in 1969, Chestnut Hill Realty has demonstrated its commitment to environmental sustainability and preserving natural resources. With the harm to our environment growing exponentially, we recognized the urgent need to play a more active role in conservation efforts and launched the Nature Positive initiative in 2022. This initiative includes four primary areas of focus: Ecosystem Conservation, Natural Resource Conservation, Sustainable Purchasing, and Healthy and Mindful Outdoor Living. 

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Ecosystem Conservation Logo

Ecosystem Conservation

Pollinator Program: Click here for an overview video.

Pollinators - animals that move pollen from one flower to another – are in decline. This decline is primarily attributed to the loss of habitat from losses of green space and the widespread use of pesticides. Comprising installations of honeybee hives, birdhouses, and pollinator gardens at several of our apartment communities, CHR’s Pollinator Program encourages and nurtures local biodiversity. In partnership with Best Bees Company, America’s largest beekeeping services provider, beehives and colonies are established and cared for by professional beekeepers. Pollinator gardens contain native plants to provide food and shelter to animals which include bees, birds, butterflies, and wasps. Humans are also dependent on successful pollination; 70 out of the top 100 food crops require pollinators to grow.  

Sustainable Plant Selections: Choosing plants that are suitable for their location and conditions can dramatically reduce a plant’s maintenance needs, including watering, fertilizing, pruning and pesticide application. Reducing or eliminating the use of pesticides is beneficial to the health and viability of the ecosystem and food supply. Sustainable plants do not have a known significant insect or disease problem, are drought tolerant, not invasive, and are long lived.  The landscaping needs across CHR’s portfolio are examined through this lens as more native plants are being selected to support wildlife ecology, native pollinators, and native songbirds. 

Natural Resource Conservation

Natural Resource Conservation

Fossil Fuel Reduction: CHR is looking to minimize its use of fossil and other non-renewable fuel sources at its communities through methods that include adding dual head electric vehicle charging stations for resident and employee use, adding solar power panels to apartment buildings, and installing high efficiency heating, cooling, and lighting equipment and systems. 

Recycling and Waste Reduction: Several of CHR’s apartment home communities have free-standing, single-stream recycling centers, and more are planned.  

Environmental Cleanups: Employees and residents are encouraged to participate in clean up activities organized by CHR and local agencies and municipalities.  

Water Use Reduction: Water-saving devices such as low-flow toilets, bath and kitchen faucets, shower heads and aerators are in use at all CHR properties. 

Green Roofs: CHR began installing green roofs on some of its newly constructed buildings. The benefits are many, including providing natural insulation which in turn reduces the energy needed to cool and heat buildings. The plantings also improve air quality by removing air particulates and producing oxygen.  

EV Charging Stations: Electric and hybrid vehicles provide a cleaner and more efficient alternative to gasoline powered cars. They are known to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to global warming and climate change. Recognizing their growing popularity and seeking to provide residents with convenient and affordable options, CHR has installed dual head charging stations at several of its properties.   

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Sustainable Purchasing

In an effort to reduce landfill use and waste, CHR looks for opportunities to utilize and distribute reusable daily-use items and office supplies, including coffee mugs, shopping bags and water bottles to employees and residents.   

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Healthy and Mindful Outdoor Living

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With an emphasis on creating activity areas that contribute to the lifestyle, health, and overall sense of wellbeing of our residents, CHR continues to build or upgrade fitness trails, outdoor gyms, walking paths, playgrounds, swimming pools, basketball and tennis courts, putting greens and picnic facilities. Whenever onsite space permits, garden areas are developed and designed for residents, allowing them to plant and harvest fresh produce and flowers for their personal use and enjoyment.