Housewarming Party Tips & Ideas

Posted on: Friday, August 5, 2011 - 3:30pm

Housewarming Party Tips

Your boxes are unpacked and your new apartment is pristine. Now is the time to show your friends and new neighbors what you have accomplished: it is time for the housewarming party! Follow these ideas and tips to ensure that your housewarming party is an exciting event for all involved.

1) Plan your guest list with conversation in mind. Invite people who haven't met before, and choose your guests so that they share common interests. The best conversation starter is always something that everyone can get excited about.

2) Don't stress yourself out about ensuring perfection. Most people don't go to housewarming parties to analyze every detail of the presentation. If you think of some easy and creative finger foods and inspire good conversation, consider your housewarming party a success and enjoy it.

3) A casual party is better than a formal one. The more formal or thematic a party, the more your guests will think about the theme instead of about meeting the other party-goers. People who are comfortable and relaxed will make your party more like a family meal than a social event, loosening up the nervous guests and helping everyone to have a great time.

4) Choose foods you can make ahead of time so you aren't away from guests. After all, if it is your party, you should be able to enjoy it! Finger foods and simple dishes are easier than fancy entrees, and chances are, your guests would rather see and meet you than watch as you scurry in and out of the kitchen bearing plates.

In general, concentrate on making your guests feel comfortable. At the end of the day, they will remember their conversations, and the quality of their interactions will make your party a rousing success.