Olympic Fare: Tastes from Around the World

Posted on: Friday, July 27, 2012 - 12:26pm
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Olympic Fare: Tastes from Around the WorldThe 2012 Summer Olympics begin today! Are you planning on hosting any viewing parties at your CHR apartment home? We compiled an Olympic sized menu to serve your guests dishes from all over the world in a tapas style. We suggest ending the evening with an English breakfast tea to thank this year's hosts. Or better yet, ice your tea and serve in a martini glass.  


Tastes from Around the World:


China: Traditional Pot Stickers

Pretty popular in the US, Pot Stickers or Jiaozi are a traditional Chinese dumplings filled with either ground meat or vegetables. This recipe from allrecipes.com calls for you to fry them, but you can also boil or steam them. 


France: Canapes

This hors d'oeuvre literally means 'couch' in French. The decorative spreads, meats, cheeses, and veggies sit on top of a tiny piece of bread or puff pastry like someone would sit on a couch. You can get as creative and decorative as you like, but if you need a starting point Easy French Food laid out the basics for you.


Greece: Saganaki

Meaning 'little frying pan' this is literally a hunk of cheese that is pan fried with lemon juice and pepper. What's not to love? Emeril from Foodnetwork.com has a fancy take on this recipe served with pita bread and olives, but really what wouldn't taste good with some melted, fried cheese on it?


Jamaica: Gizzada

Also know as a pinch-me-round, gizzada is a small crunchy tart filled with spiced coconut. Jamaicans.com breaks down an easy method to these favorful pastries.


Brazil: Brigadeiro

A tasty little chocolate bites, Brigadeiros are a popular party treat in Brazil. The confectioner's creator Eduardo Gomes was a Brazilian Air Force brigadier where the dessert got it's name. Food.com makes it easy for you to recreate this favorite candy.