5 Ways To Meet Your Neighbors

Posted on: Thursday, May 5, 2011 - 3:00pm

5 Ways to Meet Your Neighbors

Often, the hardest part about moving into an apartment home isn't the unpacking or settling into a new routine, but meeting your neighbors. Apartment neighbors are one of the curiosities of apartment living, absent in non-apartment life, that can make your days exciting and can even result in life-long friendships. But how do you make that initial meeting?

1) Try the old standard: knock on the door and introduce yourself. Although this sort of greeting has fallen out of favor in some modern circles, there is something instantly endearing about someone willing to risk an awkward feeling in an effort to meet a neighbor.

2) In a fast-paced world, many spend more time in their cars than in their apartment home. The next time you see a neighbor entering or exiting a vehicle when you are in your car, introduce yourself. Many would see this as less forward than knocking on the door, but still keeping with the neighborly spirit.

3) In a similar vein, many neighbors may share a love of pets or activities, from running to simply enjoying the weather. If you see a neighbor while about your business, say hello and introduce yourself. Nothing makes a better impression than a friendly greeting.

4) If the others in your apartment schedule games or other group events, make sure to attend. Some groups hold “supper clubs” or dinner parties with their fellow apartment homeowners, and these events offer opportunities to meet your neighbors.

5) Perhaps the most involved, but ever popular, way to greet your neighbors is with a housewarming party. Invite your neighbors to come to welcome you to your new apartment home; the lure of good food and friendship will bring many of your neighbors out of their own spaces!